The BOC-3 is the form used by the FMCSA to list the "process agents" in all states. A "process agent" acts as a representative to forward legal or court documents in any proceeding that might be brought against your company. Having a process agent listed in all 50 states is known as; a "blanket coverage". Everyone who files for MC Interstate Authority is required to have a BOC-3 on filed with FMCSA.

Interstate Authority

FMCA/ICC Authority

To transport goods for hire (drive across state lines with property that is not your own or with passengers), you are required by law to have an FMCA Operating Authority. Anyone can now get their own authority rather quickly (usually in 30 days or less) and at a reasonable cost.

USDOT Intrastate

Intra authority is required to pick up and deliver goods inside the same state.

Because these authorities are issued by each state individually, the costs and requirements vary. In general you must have primary liability and cargo insurance filed as a Form E (liability) and Form H (cargo) at the State.

An application and fees must be filed and with some exceptions, authorities are issued in 2-8 weeks.



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Disclaimer:  Our General insurance Glossary is for general information only. We  do not warrant the information found here as usual and customary for assessment of insurance claims or pay outs. Insurance terminology could vary widely per State or Insurance company acceptability. Contract language can vary widely dependent upon  many factors. The information contained here is meant to be general in scope. We recommend contacting your insurance agent or the insurance bureau in your state for exactly what is appropriate in your state .

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